3 pillars of sustainable packaging

To achieve packaging that is truly sustainable – and by that I mean packaging that is sustainable for the business as well as the environment – we need to think about the three pillars of sustainability. These are the economy, society, and the environment.

When thinking about sustainable packaging, it is important to consider the three pillars of sustainability: the economy, society, and the environment.

The Economy

Sustainable packaging has to be payable by the consumers and profitable for the producers – and this means that the cost of the packaging cannot be more than a fraction of the cost of the product being packaged.


This pillar focuses on the consumer. The packaging should be designed with user-friendliness and consumer-friendliness in mind. This means the customer should have a way of transporting the product home, of storing the product, of emptying the product from the packaging, and of sorting the packaging into the correct waste stream.

Another aspect of society is compliance. The packaging should conform to all relevant rules and regulations of the regions in which it is sold.

The Environment

In general, the overall environmental footprint of the packaging should be relatively low, as low as it can get for the form of packaging. Environmental footprint includes the carbon footprint, the acidification or eutrophication that the packaging causes, but also the circularity of the packaging. Today, the circular economy – in which materials are not thrown out at the end of their life but are instead cycled back into the resource pool to create new materials – is an important concept, and firmly belongs to the pillar of the environment.

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Information taken from Sphera.

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Article by Tallis Baker

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