BioPak wins grant to grow composting!

This new grant will allow BioPak to grow composting infrastructure in Australia.

The Australian Government has announced $10.5 million in grants to support waste recovery in Australia, with BioPak one of the 11 successful applicants to be awarded funding. This is an awesome win for sustainable innovation, and an important step on the path towards a circular economy.

What will the grant do?

The new grant will help develop and provide support for BioPak’s new Australia-wide program, the Compost Network. This initiative will bring industry partners together to transform compostable packaging and food waste into nutrient-rich soil for thousands of businesses across the country.

BioPak founder Richard Fine said he was excited to join forces with businesses in the packaging, foodservice, and waste industry to help grow Australian organic recycling capabilities and instigate widespread change.

“It is time to collaborate in order to overcome the challenges and harness the value and benefits that compostable packaging can provide,” said Fine. “Compostable packaging is a proven, cost effective solution to enable the recovery and recycling of food and packaging waste generated by the foodservice industry.

“Only through collaboration can we transform compostable materials from a niche initiative to a core pillar of a circular and sustainable economy, and we believe The Compost Network can help achieve this vision.”

A changing mindset

Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, said that the dial is shifting in Australia as people change their perspective about waste and look towards a more circular economy.

“BioPak’s new product stewardship scheme for organic waste and compostable packaging will reduce waste going to landfill, lift recycling rates and help food service businesses and consumers make a practical, positive difference for the environment,” Evans said.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

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Article by Tallis Baker

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