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Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Every day people purchase takeaway coffee while on the run in the lead up to their busy day, and even during their daily activity. We need coffee to kick-start our day and caffeine boosts to keep us alert and awake throughout. Most consumers don’t think twice about the their packaging their coffee comes in. And why should you? As long as it’s disposed of in the bin, the effects are minimal right? What most people don’t realise is that the waste from their non-biodegradable coffee cup sits in landfill and can take a very, very long time to break down.


The benefits of biodegradable packaging for our environment

Biodegradable materials reduce carbon emission to the environment. Since most of them are made from natural materials such a paper and sugarcane fibre, there is minimal usage of plastic materials which the manufacturing process tends to emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere. That is not all. After they have been used, they can easily be recycled which further reduces the strain on the natural resources. This reduces pollution which emanates from plastic waste. For the materials which cannot be recycled, when disposed, they’ll eventually break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomas. The timing is not specified, but eventually they’ll break down without releasing chemicals into the environment. They will break down much faster than plastics which is an estimated 1,000 years.


Use biodegradable coffee cups to preserve the environment

Planet Friendly Packaging are an approved distributor of BioPak packaging products.  This includes biodegradable, compostable, bioplastic and FSC certified paper packaging for all environmentally friendly hospitality needs.

Biodegradable coffee cups come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Depending on your cafe, restaurant or hospitality shop, Planet Friendly Packaging will have suitable biodegradable coffee cup options for your business.


Do you part for the environment and use biodegradable coffee cups for your takeaway coffees and drinks to help reduce carbon emission and long-term landfill.

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