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Food Truck Market

Hot Tips for Food Truck Owners

Do you own/work in a food truck? Would you like your food truck to be more successful? We generally define a food truck business as a market stall on wheels producing street food on the go.  A small business that primarily trades at outdoor events, or provides on site catering for functions, parties and festivals.  It has all of the advantages of a market stall operation with less time spent on setting up and packing down. Even if your business ...
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Why is your choice of packaging so important for your business?

Your choice of packaging is just as important as your choice in coffee beans/machines, barista’s, menu ingredients, chef’s, staff, decor and business name. What is it so important? All of these things say something about your business to the marketplace and your potential customers.  Equally so, you can have the greatest business name, location and menu on the block yet still be hamstrung by pouring sub-par coffee through a machine in need of a service into styrofoam cups.  It might ...
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trees in forest, Australian gumtrees

Why we planet trees with Carbon Neutral

It’s very important to us at Planet Friendly Packaging that we go a step further with our business and its outcomes.  That’s why we choose to plant a tree for every order with Carbon Neutral. It helps minimise the net carbon emissions of our own business activities, our suppliers (even though most BioPak products are already certified carbon neutral), our customers and their customers too.  Apart from helping curtail carbon emissions the act of planting trees for us is also ...
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James Wilkinson owner of Planet Friendly Packaging

Interview with the Owner

Quick Chat with James Wilkinson, owner of Planet Friendly Packaging.   How did you get involved in the industry? I had been working various roles in hospitality throughout my university years and was actually still working in a cafe part-time as a waiter and cook when I began distributing packaging for BioPak in 2013.  I have always really enjoyed working in cafes and restaurants. Something about delivering customer satisfaction in a dynamic environment kept me engaged for years while finishing ...
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Basic Hospitality Guide

Running a hospitality business can be tough.  It’s such a competitive market that owners/managers often lose sight of making sure they get the basics right.  This can be the difference between turning a profit each day, week or month and keeping the doors open. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the most basic elements of the game that we notice are being overlooked: See how many of these items you can tick off.  Chances are that if you ...
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BioPak - It doesn't cost the earth

Why Do We Choose To Distribute BioPak?

Our mission is to improve the environmental outcomes of the hospitality industry. Our vision is to contribute towards the industry transitioning to carbon neutrality and playing a leading role in environmental conservation. It’s a massive task because the industry itself revolves around the consumption of raw materials and resources (energy, food and the packaging it comes in). Furthermore, recent trends in hospitality and food service have focused on providing even more convenience to customers to maintain competitiveness. By this, we ...
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