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3 ways to have a plastic-free Christmas

With Christmas approaching, we are entering the season of plastic tree baubles and endless swathes of wrapping paper, much of which will be disposed of in the new year. Christmas is the delight of the capitalist and consumerist. How do we, in the face of a society which tells us to treat and spoil those close to us, take steps to have a more sustainable Christmas while still showing others how much we care? Give experiences, not ‘things’ Toys, expensive ...
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Eco materials: which should I use?

So many different plant-based ‘plastics’ are floating around the market. But how do you know what you’re actually using, and why you should use one over the other? Here we provide brief profiles for several common materials, so you can understand what you’re buying. Sugarcane bagasse / pulp Sugarcane bagasse is the dry fibrous residue left over once sugarcane stalks are crushed and the juice extracted for sugar manufacturing. Because the fibres are already crushed, we need less energy to ...
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Canberra businesses reduce landfill with BioPak

In exciting news from around the country, BioPak has partnered with Canberra waste management company Goterra to bring the BioPak Compost Service to the capital city. This will allow Canberra businesses to compost BioPak foodservice packaging and food scraps instead of sending them to landfill. This initiative aims to cater to more environmentally minded consumers and will help forward-thinking Canberra businesses and their sustainable practices stand out. Already, customers are recognising and rewarding businesses such as these. BioPak, Australia’s leading ...
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A river running through a rainforest to the ocean.

Rainforest Rescue: How BioPak is helping to make a difference

Tallis Baker Through buying BioPak you are helping to save the Daintree. BioPak donates 1% of profits to Rainforest Rescue. With your help, they protect and restore rainforests around the world. What is Rainforest Rescue? Established in 1998, Rainforest Rescue buys threatened rainforest properties to save and replant them. Their current focus is the Daintree lowland, which is unprotected even though it has the same amazing biodiversity as the uplands. When Rainforest Rescue began, 180 lowland Daintree properties were unprotected. ...
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3 ways to improve your business’s sustainability

We all know the narrative around plastic. Eight million tonnes enter the oceans annually, joining the 150 million tonnes already out there1. If you joined all the plastic bags ever produced, they would circle the earth 4,200 times2. However, making your business plastic-free, while awesome, is not going to solve every issue affecting the environment.   So … what else can you do? Buy local Environmental sustainability aside, buying local supports the community. Every dollar spent results in up to ...
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Hot Tips for Coffee Cart Owners

Do you own/work in a Coffee Cart? Would you like your coffee cart to be more successful? We generally define a coffee cart business as a fixed location or mobile coffee focused business that sells only pre packaging food if any at all. Primarily trading at outdoor events, or provides on site coffee for functions, parties and festivals.  Some examples include coffee carts in foyers of commercial office buildings or in parks as well as mobile coffee vans seen at ...
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Busy street full of restaurants

5 things that will improve your restaurant’s image today

Marketing is all about perception.  Unfortunately, this means that even if you’re doing all of the right things, if you’re not communicating them clearly, nobody will know.  Running your business well is only the first step, you’ve got to tell people about it as well.  We’ve put together a short list of tips to help improve your business’s image as well as get more people looking at it. Use Social Media Properly If you aren’t using social media to promote ...
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Food Truck Market

Hot Tips for Food Truck Owners

Do you own/work in a food truck? Would you like your food truck to be more successful? We generally define a food truck business as a market stall on wheels producing street food on the go.  A small business that primarily trades at outdoor events, or provides on site catering for functions, parties and festivals.  It has all of the advantages of a market stall operation with less time spent on setting up and packing down. Even if your business ...
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Why is your choice of packaging so important for your business?

Your choice of packaging is just as important as your choice in coffee beans/machines, barista’s, menu ingredients, chef’s, staff, decor and business name. What is it so important? All of these things say something about your business to the marketplace and your potential customers.  Equally so, you can have the greatest business name, location and menu on the block yet still be hamstrung by pouring sub-par coffee through a machine in need of a service into styrofoam cups.  It might ...
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trees in forest, Australian gumtrees

Why we planet trees with Carbon Neutral

It’s very important to us at Planet Friendly Packaging that we go a step further with our business and its outcomes.  That’s why we choose to plant a tree for every order with Carbon Neutral. It helps minimise the net carbon emissions of our own business activities, our suppliers (even though most BioPak products are already certified carbon neutral), our customers and their customers too.  Apart from helping curtail carbon emissions the act of planting trees for us is also ...
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