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Composting Service

What is Compsotable Servicing?

There is now a composting service available. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the packaging around the items they buy. High profile coverage of disposed plastic and the dangers to wildlife as it enters the world’s oceans mean consumers are placing more importance on eco-friendly packaging. Businesses realise they have a degree of responsibility to be greener and operate in a more sustainable manner. Just as the homeowner is expected to recycle more, they will also expect better packaging options from the businesses they buy from, allowing them to choose environmentally friendly packaging, including compostable packaging.

BioCup coffee cups and lids can be diverted from landfill and composted along with food scraps. Composting is a simple solution with no separation required – cups and lids can go in one bin with food scraps.

Join the composting service revolution by signing up for the BioPak Compost Service today. Keep your takeaway coffee cups and lids out of landfill and turn them into nutrient-rich soil food. Composting is nature’s way of recycling – it’s a circular system where waste becomes food.

Our compost service is available in seven cities (1300 suburbs) and locations are being added all the time. If we are not in your location yet, please leave us your details and we will let you know when we are.


How Does It Work?