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Our paper: sustainability, quality, and cost

Knowing the source and quality of raw materials is essential for sustainability. BioPak selects the most sustainable resources available to reduce the environmental impact of their products, and they choose their manufacturing partners carefully. Plastic is not the only material that can have a negative impact. Paper sourced from the wrong places can release carbon into the air and remove vital habitat for animals. Sustainability, quality, and cost BioPak always looks to balance sustainability and quality with cost – in ...
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What your takeaway cups say about your business

For most café businesses, takeaway coffee is likely to be a key earner. If you, as a business owner, haven’t considered your takeaway coffee cups, you could be promoting to your customers an unfavourable impression of your brand. Do you serve your quality product in quality packaging? Are you ensuring you are on par with customers’ sustainability concerns? Are you making the most of branding your coffee cups? Now might be the time to think about what your coffee cups ...
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Single- vs double-walled cups

Have you ever been ordering coffee cups for your business and not been able to decide between single- or double-walled cups? Here is everything you need to know. What’s the difference? Well, as the name suggests, a single-walled paper cup has one layer of paper and a double-walled has two. However, it’s not quite that simple. The extra layer on a double-walled cup increases its insulation – good for hot drinks – but also increases the environmental impact due to ...
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