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Paper cup recycling – the tip of the iceberg

The disposable coffee cup has become the symbol – the ‘poster child’, if you will – of the piles of waste our society produces. And – unlike plastic straws and cutlery – single-use cups are harder to ban, simply because not everyone has their reusable cup on them 24/7. Reusable cups are certainly the most responsible option, but they are not always practical or convenient. The problem Globally, it is estimated that we use 487 billion disposable coffee cups a ...
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Home vs commercial composting

Composting – the natural process of biological decomposition by fungi, bacteria, insects, worms, and other organisms – produces a nutrient-rich material that can be used to grow crops for human consumptions. Successful composting must be relatively quick, safe, and clean, which is achieved through managing the decomposition process. Composting organic food – and packaging – allows us to divert waste from landfill and return valuable nutrients back into the soil. Composting also eliminates the methane gas that organics emit when ...
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