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Our goal: zero waste to landfill

Australians are pretty good at recycling. We take pride in separating our garbage so that glass, plastics, paper, and aluminium can be recycled – forgive my cynicism, but it might be the only environmental thing we’re good at. But a couple of years ago, we started to feel like it was a waste of time. When China banned imported recycling materials, several councils had their recycling contracts cut back by waste companies. It seems like councils had one of two ...
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Merlo Coffee composting 3 million cups a year

In 2018, Merlo Coffee launched a compostable cup initiative to stop more than 3 million cups going to landfill every year. This initiative diverted over 37 million tonnes of organics in 2019, and it’s still going. Merlo teamed up with BioPak to introduce fully compostable cups and lids for customers, which are then sent to organics recyclers such as NuGrow. Since January 2019, NuGrow has created more than 1,100 cubic metres of compost using Merlo’s organics. The first in Queensland ...
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Why we love bagasse

What is bagasse? Well, bagasse, often known as sugarcane pulp, is a plant-based material gaining popularity as an alternative to plastic. By moving away from traditional plastic packaging and towards compostable alternatives that contribute to a circular economy, we can work together to transition out of the disposable world we live in. Producing packaging from plants means that those same packaging items can be returned to the earth as soil at the end of their life and provide nutrients to ...
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