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bulk shopping

4 reasons to buy local

We are often told we should buy local – but why? Read on to find out. 1. Less packaging More often than not, buying local means the items you buy come in less plastic. Especially if buying at farmers’ markets, the fruit and veg you find are more likely to be loose, where you can choose the ones you want and not bother with over-packaged, plastic-covered bundles of produce that give you no choice. We know millions of tons of ...
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Why is bulk shopping not mainstream?

What is bulk food shopping? You’ve probably heard of it—that hippie movement associated with shelves upon shelves of nuts and pastas in huge boxes, a scoop provided for filling your own bag, shoppers walking in with containers jangling ready to take up the entire counter space. And, most of the time, this is exactly how it would be. Bulk shopping means that the food does not come pre-packaged in plastic—or aluminium, or cardboard. The idea is that you BYO boxes ...
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