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carbon neutral

A beginner’s guide to sustainable packaging

Sometimes our understanding of what sustainable packaging is and why it’s important can get confused in all the detail around the minutia. So here is your beginner’s guide to sustainable packaging, summarised and laid out straight. What is sustainable packaging? While products labelled ‘green’ may appear eco-friendly, the term really doesn’t mean anything. Neither does ‘eco-friendly’. Instead, you should look for more tangible descriptions such as: Compostable Non-toxic Ozone-safe/friendly Recyclable Made from recycled content Made with renewable energy Made with ...
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Switching to BioPak makes a difference

You can make a difference – in your plastic consumption, but also in your greenhouse gas emissions. All BioPak products are carbon neutral, which means any emissions that can’t be reduced are offset through planting trees or funding renewable energy. How much impact is your business having by switching to BioPak? Cafes A cafe that uses 100,000 coffee cups and lids, takeaway containers, and cutlery will, by switching to BioPak: Create and offset 15 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to driving ...
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I use plastic … but it’s ok because I recycle it

The short answer – no. Sorry to break it to you, but just because you recycle plastic does not mean it’s okay to use it in the first place. Why? Nurdles Nurdles are tiny (3-5mm) pieces of plastic that are used to make drink bottles, food containers, plastic bags, baby toys … you name it, if it’s plastic, it’s been made from nurdles. And nurdles end up everywhere. Simply because, if you’ve ever tried cooking with rice, you’ll know it’s ...
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Why do certifications matter?

Certifications bestowed by independent third-party allow consumers to be sure the products they purchase are genuine and producers to show their dedication to verifiable claims. Words like ‘sustainable’, ‘ethical’, ‘biodegradable’, and ‘eco-friendly’ – among others – get thrown around a lot in the packaging world. While these words can actually mean something, without certification they are called greenwashing. Greenwashing means individuals and organisations cannot make informed decisions about what they are purchasing. Read more about greenwashing here. How certifications can ...
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What it means to be carbon neutral

What does it mean to be a carbon neutral business? Have you ever heard of a business or their products being “carbon neutral” or “carbon zero” but been confused by what that means? It’s not always clear. In order to be carbon neutral, a business or organisation must calculate their greenhouse gas emissions. This includes every activity related to the business, such as fuel use and travel. The business first reduces these emissions as much as they can, by investing ...
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Our paper: sustainability, quality, and cost

Knowing the source and quality of raw materials is essential for sustainability. BioPak selects the most sustainable resources available to reduce the environmental impact of their products, and they choose their manufacturing partners carefully. Plastic is not the only material that can have a negative impact. Paper sourced from the wrong places can release carbon into the air and remove vital habitat for animals. Sustainability, quality, and cost BioPak always looks to balance sustainability and quality with cost – in ...
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