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circular economy

About the circular economy: a refresher

We use the term ‘circular economy’ a lot – but what does it mean? Well, a circular economy is one in which no material is wasted. At the end of an object’s life, it is given back into the production system to create something new. This is commonly through composting or recycling. This means that no net waste is produced. Why a circular economy? Australians produce 67 million tonnes of waste each year, according to the most up-to-date statistics. And ...
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What is bagasse?

Bagasse, or sugarcane pulp, is a waste product of sugarcane harvesting. The fibrous material is left behind after the juice of the sugarcane plant has been crushed out, and is usually disposed of. However, today we can use it as a renewable resource for producing paper products and as a fuel for factories. How is bagasse produced? Although bagasse has multiple purposes, a specific method produces its compostable packaging products. After sugarcane harvesting, the leftover bagasse is kept wet and ...
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Our goal: zero waste to landfill

Australians are pretty good at recycling. We take pride in separating our garbage so that glass, plastics, paper, and aluminium can be recycled – forgive my cynicism, but it might be the only environmental thing we’re good at. But a couple of years ago, we started to feel like it was a waste of time. When China banned imported recycling materials, several councils had their recycling contracts cut back by waste companies. It seems like councils had one of two ...
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What goes into landfill?

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, ends up in landfill? Discussions around waste collection can often be confusing. Find out why we need to rethink our ‘linear’ economy and move towards a circular economy. What is landfill? Landfills are the final destination for a huge amount of waste which is not recycled, composted, reused, or otherwise repurposed. They are designed to store waste – not let it break down. Landfill is where anything you put in your household waste bin ...
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Composting vs recycling: Which is better for the environment?

Have you ever wondered whether composting or recycling is better for the environment? Given a choice, where should you put that piece of rubbish? Here we talk about which option you should choose when disposing of our takeaway packaging. The good news is that, when both are done correctly, landfill is reduced. Both provide a way of extracting value from waste, but are not applicable to the same materials. So what’s the difference? The main difference is that composting is ...
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Why we love bagasse

What is bagasse? Well, bagasse, often known as sugarcane pulp, is a plant-based material gaining popularity as an alternative to plastic. By moving away from traditional plastic packaging and towards compostable alternatives that contribute to a circular economy, we can work together to transition out of the disposable world we live in. Producing packaging from plants means that those same packaging items can be returned to the earth as soil at the end of their life and provide nutrients to ...
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