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climate change

Rainforest Rescue: Your impact

By buying from Planet Friendly Packaging, you are not only diverting waste from landfill – you are helping to fight climate change. And not only through reducing the use of oil-based plastics, which do emit greenhouse gases – for every order Planet Friendly Packaging receives, we plant one tree with Rainforest Rescue. What is Rainforest Rescue? Established in 1998, Rainforest Rescue buys threatened rainforest properties to save and replant them. Their current focus in the Daintree lowland, which is unprotected ...
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Promoting composting Australia-wide

Composting is – as you might know if you’ve been following this blog – our idea of how to save the earth from the pollution crisis we’ve put it in. However, to do that we need the whole country to embrace it. Why compost? Composting returns nutrients to the soil and diverts organic waste from landfill which reduces greenhouse gases. Between 2016 and 2017, Australians sent 6.7 million tonnes of organic waste to landfill, of which 43% was food waste. ...
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