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Paper cup recycling – the tip of the iceberg

The disposable coffee cup has become the symbol – the ‘poster child’, if you will – of the piles of waste our society produces. And – unlike plastic straws and cutlery – single-use cups are harder to ban, simply because not everyone has their reusable cup on them 24/7. Reusable cups are certainly the most responsible option, but they are not always practical or convenient. The problem Globally, it is estimated that we use 487 billion disposable coffee cups a ...
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Green up your school canteen

Canteens are a major source of litter in schools. Divert waste from landfill by switching to BioPak takeaway packaging, and use the opportunity to teach kids about sustainability. Why green your canteen? School cafeterias should, like other areas of the school reflect the school’s educational goals and complement student learning. They are an opportunity for your school to demonstrate that you are mindful of the environmental impact you are having. Good practices are formed early on. Teach kids to respect ...
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