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compostable packaging

Australia’s first zero-carbon streetfood

Australia’s first zero-carbon streetfood kitchen has launched in Melbourne. In an Australian first, Melbourne has become home to the new, revolutionary, zero-carbon, off-grid streetfood kitchen, atiyah. Launching in Federation Square, atiyah is set to transform the fast food scene with a range of authentic Lebanese dishes that are made onsite in a 100% renewable Eco Smart Off-Grid kitchen – the first of its kind anywhere in Australia. Owned by son-in-law and mother-in-law duo, Ben Armstrong and Therese Helou, atiyah is ...
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Australia’s federal food waste targets

Food waste targets must be set by the government. Why? Because otherwise we will not reduce our food waste fast enough for the needs of the planet. Individual people and businesses are working to reduce their own food waste, but it is not seen as a problem as big as that of plastic or carbon emissions. Well, it is as big a problem as plastic, and nearly as big a problem as carbon emissions. And intricately linked with emissions, too. ...
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3 tips to keep your packaging competitive

The world moves so quickly that it’s easy to get left behind. With advances in technology and customer expectations constantly changing, you need to keep your packaging competitive if you are to retain your business. Update your equipment When you are meeting quotas and everything is running well, it’s easy to become complacent. This is when you might miss out on the technology and innovation that drive your industry. Whether it’s getting takeaway orders delivered in the quality in which ...
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Together for a better future

BioPak CEO, Gary Smith, explains how collaboration forms the blueprint for doing business for the future, in the food packaging business. BioPak’s mission BioPak has a mission to bring the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging to the world. Their innovative designs are made from sustainably sourced and rapidly renewable materials that are certified carbon neutral and compostable. BioPak continually invests in technology and material innovations, achieves best-practice industry standards as a minimum, and believes in a business model that balances ...
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BioPak – designing a sustainable future

We are proud to distribute BioPak, and share their commitment to help businesses across the hospitality industry and beyond reduce their plastic packaging. BioPak’s history Since BioPak set out 20 years ago to offer compostable foodservice alternatives, they have seen a massive shift in the industry’s sustainability. Initiatives such as the multiple bans on single-use plastic bags across the country and rapid uptake of compostable packaging in cafes, often inspired by programmes like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth and the ABC’s ...
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Plastic-free airlines: what is stopping us?

On December 2017, the first plastic-free flight took to the skies. Hi Fly, a company that wet leases aircraft in Portugal and Malta, replaced all plastic cutlery and containers with bamboo and other compostable alternatives. The first of three plastic-free test flights, it carried hundreds of passengers from Lisbon to Brazil. Will other flights follow? In 2017, Ryanair pledged to go plastic-free by 2023—despite CEO Michael O’Leary famously quoted as calling environmentalists “luddites marching us back to the 18th century”. ...
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