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compostable plastic

Calculate your plastic footprint

Your plastic footprint isn’t confined to packaging at grocery stores and the lining on your takeaway coffee cup. You can calculate your plastic footprint and the plastic footprint of your business using this calculator. Here, we explore exactly what the calculator is measuring. Household The calculator asks questions about the household, including the area you live in, the type of home you live in, whether you have recycling pick-up or a container deposit scheme. In Europe, 20% of plastic produced ...
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3 ways to reduce coffee cups to landfill

More and more people are using keep cups, but about 1 billion disposable coffee cups are still sent to landfill annually in Australia. Recently, reducing this number has been even more difficult, as many cafes refused reusable cups at the height of the pandemic. However, as we come out the other side of COVID-19 (we hope), here are three things customers, cafes, and policymakers can do to reduce the amount of waste we use. Customers: show off your reusable cup ...
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World Oceans Day – and what it means

World Oceans Day on June 8 is a reminder to celebrate and honour our ocean. The oceans support us in so many ways – they give us food and medicinal products, they absorb huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, the animals in them (such as coral reefs) protect our shores, they provide joy, they have inspired countless writers. But our oceans are in danger – from pollution, from overfishing, from rising CO2 concentrations, from introduced species. We need to ...
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