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Universities leading the way

There is so much focus on businesses and individual consumers making a change … that we don’t stop to consider the institutions that are supposed to be on the frontline of sustainability. Yes, I mean universities – those places where the leaders of tomorrow are created. Universities have a huge ability to make changes, within their walls and out in the broader public. Here, we highlight two universities – one that came to BioPak‘s attention back in 2013, as the ...
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Home vs commercial composting

Composting – the natural process of biological decomposition by fungi, bacteria, insects, worms, and other organisms – produces a nutrient-rich material that can be used to grow crops for human consumptions. Successful composting must be relatively quick, safe, and clean, which is achieved through managing the decomposition process. Composting organic food – and packaging – allows us to divert waste from landfill and return valuable nutrients back into the soil. Composting also eliminates the methane gas that organics emit when ...
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