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How to stay plastic-free with COVID-19

Cafes are only offering takeaway – and they won’t use your reusable cup. The world is splurging on hand sanitiser. Maybe you’re worried about the virus spreading through loose produce at supermarkets. Being plastic-free is suddenly a lot harder. Here are some handy tips. Choose compostable Yes, disposable cups are essential if you’re still buying coffee from cafes – and, whether it’s those health and supermarket workers who still have to leave the house each morning, or urban-dwellers supporting their ...
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Retail companies going plastic-free – and dealing with COVID-19

Flora & Fauna, founded in 2014 by CEO Julie Mathers, is an ethical, cruelty-free beauty business which has won the Power Retail Sustainable Retailer Award. Beauty products are often one of the hardest items to buy plastic-free, and we could be forgiven for excusing a beauty retailer from the plastic-free fight on the basis that “it’s difficult”. But Flora & Fauna is leading the way, and hoping other businesses will follow. Julie Mathers’ vision Mather says she feels it is ...
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