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Plastic-free after COVID-19

Now During COVID-19, the world has gone take-away. Restaurants that previously were only dine-in had to scramble to provide a delivery menu, and companies like Menulog and Deliveroo have experienced a surge in business. With all this extra take-away, we are seeing a resulting rise in single-use packaging. Many restaurants and cafes are struggling to turn a profit, and have understandably opted for the cheapest packaging option. But what will happen take-away after COVID-19, and how can eateries use this ...
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Back to business – why sustainability still matters

As the world isolated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery companies such as UberEats and Deliveroo experienced an unprecedented surge. Restaurants that were once dine-in only turned to delivery to survive, supported by local residents. This naturally saw an increase in single-use packaging. Can we see safety and sustainability meet in the wake of this crisis? With large outdoor events cancelled, stadiums closed, shopping centres, airports, and CBDs mostly locked down, in some areas we have seen less ...
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Marketing your restaurant in times of COVID-19

Restrictions are lifting, and eateries are now allowed 10 people dining in. But this is not worth the while of some restaurants, who normally budget for a lot more than that. The hospitality industry has borne the brunt of social distancing measures, with many restaurants and cafes seeing decreases in customers and revenue, and some even closing their doors. Here are a few marketing tips to promote your business during this health crisis, and find creative ways to boost your ...
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