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food waste

Australia’s federal food waste targets

Food waste targets must be set by the government. Why? Because otherwise we will not reduce our food waste fast enough for the needs of the planet. Individual people and businesses are working to reduce their own food waste, but it is not seen as a problem as big as that of plastic or carbon emissions. Well, it is as big a problem as plastic, and nearly as big a problem as carbon emissions. And intricately linked with emissions, too. ...
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Sustainability Day: 3 swaps for a sustainable business

Sustainability Day: A day to stop and think about how you can improve your sustainability. Each year, Sustainability Day falls on the fourth Wednesday of October – which makes it today. As a small business owner, what can you do on this day to improve your sustainability? It doesn’t have to be difficult – the best way to start is small, and build from there. Here are three easy ways to make your business more sustainable. Takeaway containers Coffee cups, ...
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