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Marketing your restaurant in times of COVID-19

Restrictions are lifting, and eateries are now allowed 10 people dining in. But this is not worth the while of some restaurants, who normally budget for a lot more than that. The hospitality industry has borne the brunt of social distancing measures, with many restaurants and cafes seeing decreases in customers and revenue, and some even closing their doors. Here are a few marketing tips to promote your business during this health crisis, and find creative ways to boost your ...
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How to stay plastic-free with COVID-19

Cafes are only offering takeaway – and they won’t use your reusable cup. The world is splurging on hand sanitiser. Maybe you’re worried about the virus spreading through loose produce at supermarkets. Being plastic-free is suddenly a lot harder. Here are some handy tips. Choose compostable Yes, disposable cups are essential if you’re still buying coffee from cafes – and, whether it’s those health and supermarket workers who still have to leave the house each morning, or urban-dwellers supporting their ...
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What your takeaway cups say about your business

For most café businesses, takeaway coffee is likely to be a key earner. If you, as a business owner, haven’t considered your takeaway coffee cups, you could be promoting to your customers an unfavourable impression of your brand. Do you serve your quality product in quality packaging? Are you ensuring you are on par with customers’ sustainability concerns? Are you making the most of branding your coffee cups? Now might be the time to think about what your coffee cups ...
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Single- vs double-walled cups

Have you ever been ordering coffee cups for your business and not been able to decide between single- or double-walled cups? Here is everything you need to know. What’s the difference? Well, as the name suggests, a single-walled paper cup has one layer of paper and a double-walled has two. However, it’s not quite that simple. The extra layer on a double-walled cup increases its insulation – good for hot drinks – but also increases the environmental impact due to ...
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