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I use plastic … but it’s ok because I recycle it

The short answer – no. Sorry to break it to you, but just because you recycle plastic does not mean it’s okay to use it in the first place. Why? Nurdles Nurdles are tiny (3-5mm) pieces of plastic that are used to make drink bottles, food containers, plastic bags, baby toys … you name it, if it’s plastic, it’s been made from nurdles. And nurdles end up everywhere. Simply because, if you’ve ever tried cooking with rice, you’ll know it’s ...
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Why go plastic-free?

It seems like a rather obvious question. After all, if you’re on this site, you must have some idea of why plastic-free is a good idea. But it never hurts to revisit the reasons for cutting down waste, and you might learn something you didn’t know. Carbon emissions Plastic produces carbon dioxide from the very start of its life cycle. One kilogram of plastic produces 6kg of CO2, equating about 210kg of CO2 from plastic production per person per year. ...
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