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plant-based packaging

Our composting service

The issue of plastic has entered the public sphere and more people than ever are aware of their impact. Just as we are expected to recycle more at home, so too do customers expect businesses to take a larger amount of responsibility for the waste that they produce, directly or indirectly. What is composting? Composting is the process of converting organic waste into nutrient-rich compost via the activity of microorganisms. Our products are all industrially compostable (meaning they can be ...
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World Oceans Day – and what it means

World Oceans Day on June 8 is a reminder to celebrate and honour our ocean. The oceans support us in so many ways – they give us food and medicinal products, they absorb huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, the animals in them (such as coral reefs) protect our shores, they provide joy, they have inspired countless writers. But our oceans are in danger – from pollution, from overfishing, from rising CO2 concentrations, from introduced species. We need to ...
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How to compost plant-based packaging

What is composting? Well, basically it’s the natural breakdown of organic matter over time using fungi, bacteria, insects, worms, and other organisms to produce nutrient-rich compost. For more information on how composting works, click here. What are the methods of composting? There are two different kinds of composting – home composting and commercial composting. Why does it matter? It is important to know the difference so that we can dispose of organic waste – including plant-based packaging – responsibly, as ...
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