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plant-based plastics

Composting vs recycling: Which is better for the environment?

Have you ever wondered whether composting or recycling is better for the environment? Given a choice, where should you put that piece of rubbish? Here we talk about which option you should choose when disposing of our takeaway packaging. The good news is that, when both are done correctly, landfill is reduced. Both provide a way of extracting value from waste, but are not applicable to the same materials. So what’s the difference? The main difference is that composting is ...
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Why are BioCups the better choice?

We are—slowly—moving away from relying on fossil fuel­–powered energy and transport, and at the same time ditching traditional plastics. Since BioPak began in 2006, they have developed and then provided recyclable, compostable packaging made of renewable resources. However, BioPak—and us—are not content to stop there. We want consumer-driven demand for an industry-wide revolution of eco-friendly, endlessly recyclable products that cause no harm to the environment or the communities they touch. Recyclable and compostable We want improved recycling rates in Australia. ...
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Why so much push-back on plastic-free?

We know we need to ditch plastic. If you’re reading this, you know we need to ditch plastic. It seems the whole social media world knows we need to ditch plastic. So why haven’t we? Here, we look at several reasons plastic packaging is still being produced and consumed despite evidence that it is harmful to us and the environment. Convenience This is a big one. Part of the fight against plastic requires that consumers do their part, rather than ...
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