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Revisiting nurdles

Plastic pellets, or nurdles, are tiny (3-5mm) pieces of plastic that are used to make drink bottles, food containers … you name it, if it’s plastic, it’s likely been made with nurdles. In and of themselves, they are not inherently a problem. However, if you’ve ever been to a plastic manufacturing plant, you’ll know that nurdles are everywhere. And this is the problem. How do they affect wildlife? Nurdles end up in the sea, usually. They are spilt in all ...
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Plastic: From birth to bans

Plastic was, at first, invented to stop the slaughter of elephants. Elephant tusks were in high demand for ivory-based billiard balls – and to stop poaching of elephants, a new material was needed. But it has gone from a marvel to a menace, in a way few could have foreseen. The birth of plastic The first successful plastic, celluloid, was made in 1869. However, it wasn’t until the end of World War II that plastic became widespread and ubiquitous – ...
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Do online petitions really help ban plastic?

Have you ever signed an online petition – say, on – and felt like you’ve done something to help? Petitions, for example, that call for less packaging in supermarkets or for a ban on plastic straws? Great! But did it actually work? There are thousands and thousands of online petitions in circulation – asking for everything from action on climate change, to refugee rights, to legalising recreational drugs, to plastic pollution. Many of these petitions have tens or hundreds ...
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The War on Convenience

The war on waste has touched every level of influence: consumer, business, and government. But is it really just a war on waste? Perhaps it is a war on convenience as well. In the midst of all the doom and gloom about the environment—from floods in Queensland, to droughts in New South Wales, and scorching temperatures in South Australia—we like to look at all the positive change that is happening both locally and globally. From reusable bags enforced at supermarkets ...
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Why is bulk shopping not mainstream?

What is bulk food shopping? You’ve probably heard of it—that hippie movement associated with shelves upon shelves of nuts and pastas in huge boxes, a scoop provided for filling your own bag, shoppers walking in with containers jangling ready to take up the entire counter space. And, most of the time, this is exactly how it would be. Bulk shopping means that the food does not come pre-packaged in plastic—or aluminium, or cardboard. The idea is that you BYO boxes ...
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