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Rainforest Rescue

Why are BioCups the better choice?

We are—slowly—moving away from relying on fossil fuel­–powered energy and transport, and at the same time ditching traditional plastics. Since BioPak began in 2006, they have developed and then provided recyclable, compostable packaging made of renewable resources. However, BioPak—and us—are not content to stop there. We want consumer-driven demand for an industry-wide revolution of eco-friendly, endlessly recyclable products that cause no harm to the environment or the communities they touch. Recyclable and compostable We want improved recycling rates in Australia. ...
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A river running through a rainforest to the ocean.

Rainforest Rescue: How BioPak is helping to make a difference

Tallis Baker Through buying BioPak you are helping to save the Daintree. BioPak donates 1% of profits to Rainforest Rescue. With your help, they protect and restore rainforests around the world. What is Rainforest Rescue? Established in 1998, Rainforest Rescue buys threatened rainforest properties to save and replant them. Their current focus is the Daintree lowland, which is unprotected even though it has the same amazing biodiversity as the uplands. When Rainforest Rescue began, 180 lowland Daintree properties were unprotected. ...
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