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Masks: Towards a circular economy

Face masks are part of our daily lives during the pandemic. Many are made from plastics and designed to be used just once, which means thousands of tonnes of extra waste going to landfill. Masks may help stop the spread of coronavirus. But if everyone in Australia used a single-use mask every day for a year, it would create 25,000 tonnes of contaminated waste and 22,000 tonnes of plastic packaging. Masks may also be a source of harmful microplastic fibres ...
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The ‘Blue Planet effect’ and your cafe

A common narrative is that increasing education and awareness around environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, will cause people to change their behaviour. But this is not necessarily the truth. The case of Blue Planet II The BBC documentary Blue Planet II contained images of plastic floating through the water column, and was said to have caused people to significantly reduce their plastic consumption. This was known as the ‘Blue Planet effect’. However, while it did raise awareness, a new ...
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