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single-use plastic

How to take on plastic free at the supermarket

Many of us look around at the supermarket and know that we want to try reducing plastic – but it seems almost impossible to start. So much of the supermarket stock is wrapped with plastic. A woman in NSW gave it a go. Helen Hughes in the NSW Hunter’s Valley has been trying to reduce her plastic use for a year now. She buys her meat from the butcher in a reusable container, her bread from the bakery in a ...
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Our chance to save the oceans from plastic

Two new studies found that the world is on track to triple the amount of plastic we send into our oceans in only two decades. But if civic and business leaders get on top of the crisis, we could reduce that rate by 80%. The results The world produces hundreds of millions of tons of plastic every year, and 40% of it ends up polluting the ocean or land. In 2016, 11 million metric tons of plastic ended up in ...
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Single-use plastics ban in Queensland

The Queensland Government has proposed certain single-use plastic products to be banned from sale or supply, with a start date after July 1, 2021. This is an exciting step towards eliminating single-use plastics, and makes Queensland a leader of the country. What would be banned? The government consulted the public and stakeholders, and proposed the following products to be banned: Straws Cutlery Plates Stirrers Straws and cutlery that form part of a product, such as the straw attached to a ...
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Working towards zero-waste aquariums

If you have ever been to an aquarium or theme park, you’ll know how ubiquitous – and yes, convenient – single use packaging is for food and drinks. One aquarium making a change The SEALIFE Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand, seeks to take a stance against single-use plastic. The aquarium is underground and faces many challenges when it comes to sustainable waste-management solutions, especially as single-use foodservice packaging is a practical and hygienic option, but is often not disposed of ...
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Back to business – why sustainability still matters

As the world isolated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery companies such as UberEats and Deliveroo experienced an unprecedented surge. Restaurants that were once dine-in only turned to delivery to survive, supported by local residents. This naturally saw an increase in single-use packaging. Can we see safety and sustainability meet in the wake of this crisis? With large outdoor events cancelled, stadiums closed, shopping centres, airports, and CBDs mostly locked down, in some areas we have seen less ...
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Do online petitions really help ban plastic?

Have you ever signed an online petition – say, on – and felt like you’ve done something to help? Petitions, for example, that call for less packaging in supermarkets or for a ban on plastic straws? Great! But did it actually work? There are thousands and thousands of online petitions in circulation – asking for everything from action on climate change, to refugee rights, to legalising recreational drugs, to plastic pollution. Many of these petitions have tens or hundreds ...
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