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sustainable business

Towards a plastic- and waste-free business

We need to move away from plastic and other forms of waste. But it’s not quite that easy. There are sources of waste we can see and quickly do something about – and then there are sources that are less visible or less easy to do without. So, from easy to difficult, here are three steps to become a plastic- and waste-free business. Compostable packaging This is the one that is most visible – the source of plastic that customers ...
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The five keys to a circular business

The circular economy paradigm has been gaining traction recently, especially as the pandemic has revealed the vulnerability and challenges of a disrupted global supply chain. Today, many businesses are looking to solve supply chain issues and become a more sustainable, circular business. Key areas in sustainable business Some businesses have identified five key areas that lead to a circular business model while also minimising costs, increasing customer satisfaction, mitigating risk, growing profits, and enabling resilience. Responsible design Businesses can design ...
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