Why is your choice of packaging so important for your business?

Your choice of packaging is just as important as your choice in coffee beans/machines, barista’s, menu ingredients, chef’s, staff, decor and business name.

What is it so important?

All of these things say something about your business to the marketplace and your potential customers.  Equally so, you can have the greatest business name, location and menu on the block yet still be hamstrung by pouring sub-par coffee through a machine in need of a service into styrofoam cups.  It might sound like I’m overcomplicating the process but each of these things really does say something about your business.   Your choice of packaging is important.  It should be of utmost importance to you that as many of those messages are positive rather than negative.

Many business owners wonder why they do great coffee trade but their dine in and take away food menu’s are underselling.  Little do they realise that most of their coffee customers did try the menu and had an underwhelming experience. Alternatively, many restaurants would love to keep the sales flowing between breakfast, lunch and dinner by having a steady take away coffee trade that also keeps the staff busy in those in between times.  Unfortunately, they don’t realise that most of their customers that come in for meals know that the coffee is better just down the road and the smoothies are cheaper too.

Give the people what they want

People tend to go where they know they’ll get the best product for a competitive price, delivered with friendly service. This means they will often have their coffee place, lunch place and then their celebrating or entertaining clients place.  As a business owner your goal is to give your potential customers every reason to say yes and as few as possible reasons to say no.  This means managing your business comprehensively, from top to bottom.

One of the easiest things to change immediately is your choice of packaging.  Switching to eco-friendly, compostable packaging you are giving everyone a reason to say yes and no-one a reason to say no.  Everybody likes things that are good for the environment.  No one is ever going to boycott your cafe because you put an organic waste collection bin out the front.

Additionally, packaging that looks and feels great will be noticed by your customer’s friends, families and coworkers, encouraging them to give you a try next time they’re looking for something to eat or drink.

What does the research say?

According to the world economic forum, there is a real connection between eco-innovation and business’ profit margins.  The article itself focusses on a range of different industries but the core principles certainly apply to hospitality and food service.  Customers/the marketplace are beginning to understand that even though embracing sustainability won’t put your wasteful competition out of business immediately, but it will impact longer-term trends.  This is why your choice of packaging is so important.

For instance, if you were to switch all of your packaging to compostable alternatives instead of plastic then your average customer won’t necessarily stop eating at the shop next door, or down the road just because they use plastic packaging.  Its more likely to contribute to a gradual shift in their purchasing habits that favours your business over the long term.  They might eat one less meal or a couple of coffees per week from your competition.  Instead choosing your establishment because they feel better about the packaging involved.

The buzz around packaging isn’t going anywhere

Indeed packaging itself and waste as a more general concept will remain to be hot topics of discussion in all forms of media moving forward.  The looming crisis of climate change has allowed more accessible actions seem almost more important than large systemic changes.  Packaging is one of these low hanging fruits.  An individual choice in most cases to bring your own container, take whatever you are given or, choosing the more sustainable option when you can’t/haven’t brought your own.  For many consumers bringing their own coffee cup is a great place to start and somewhat manageable in terms of convenience.  Bringing your own plate and cutlery can be more difficult as they require more space and probably need to be washed before returning to

Start sending the right message to your existing and potential customers by making the switch to our planet friendly packaging products today.

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