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At Planet Friendly Packaging we help change business practices and environmental outcomes towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

Planet Friendly Packaging provides simple and cost effective solutions to a variety of business problems by helping our clients to do the right thing by the planet. All the solutions are designed to help you and your business benefit from cost reduction, customer/market appreciation as well as a healthier and happier workplace.

Planet Friendly Packaging distributes a selectively chosen range of biodegradable food and beverage packaging to help everyday business owners reduce their costs and environmental impacts.

We supply the BioPak range of compostable / eco friendly packaging including; coffee cups, food containers, plates, bowls, boxes, napkins, cutlery, straws and bags.  The range is constantly being updated to better suit the needs of our valued customers. Click here to find out more about the product range.

We now also offer a compost collection service for organic food and packaging waste to divert those materials from land fill, reduce green house gas emissions and retain the value in the material to effectively close the loop and contribute to the circular economy.  Click here to find out more or register for the organic waste collection service.

At Planet Friendly Packaging we are committed to finding the right solution to fit your business, whether that be replacing a single product that your customers have indicated you should update or supplying eco friendly alternative products for all of your packaging / food and beverage service needs.  Click here to see feedback and testimonials from some of our happy customers. Head to our blog for more information about what we’re up too. Contact us now to start making your business more planet friendly.

Together we can make a difference to minimise the environmental impacts of the hospitality industry.

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James Wilkinson

James Wilkinson


James has over 12 years experience working in hospitality, both front and back of house, as a cook, waiter, bar tender, and venue manager.  This experience of both sides of the business allows him to balance the needs of managers and front line staff in busy food service environments.

He maintains deep understanding of the issues that face small businesses operating in the space and the various ways to help operators of all levels overcome challenges continually improve their outcomes.

For the past 6 years he has specialised in selling packaging to a wide variety of food and beverage service businesses and events.

His passion for helping the industry improve its environmental outcomes is driven by his love of the environment and small business management.

To get to know James a bit better read this short interview.

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