Why we planet trees with Carbon Neutral

It’s very important to us at Planet Friendly Packaging that we go a step further with our business and its outcomes.  That’s why we choose to plant a tree for every order with Carbon Neutral.

It helps minimise the net carbon emissions of our own business activities, our suppliers (even though most BioPak products are already certified carbon neutral), our customers and their customers too.  Apart from helping curtail carbon emissions the act of planting trees for us is also symbolic of the fact that many of the products we sell are made from paper. The trees we plant through Carbon Neutral are very unlikely to ever become pulp stock for packaging but we feel that we are helping address the deficit in the planets trees nonetheless.

It’s important to note that the tree planting activity we do with Carbon Neutral doesn’t officially offset the carbon emissions of Planet Friendly Packaging however we will be undertaking this process of becoming a carbon neutral business in the future.  At this stage the plan is to do so once we’ve already planted 2000 trees, which should happen in early 2020.

Why Carbon Neutral?

Simply, they are the most experienced and legitimate tree planting and carbon offsetting organisation of this kind anywhere in Australia.  We had considered planting trees overseas because it’s much cheaper but that raises other concerns around the reliability, accountability and legitimacy of the outcomes.  Carbon Neutral provide peace of mind when it comes to getting it done.

In their own words:

Purchasing in the carbon market or assisting with reforestation has numerous benefits for the environment, some examples are:

  • The purchase and surrender of carbon offsets has a distinct impact – the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.
  • The Plant-a-Tree program helps restore Australian biodiverse habitat, and contributes to expanding a natural carbon sink.
  • Additionally the positive impact can be further magnified by implementing energy reduction strategies, which we can help with.

Here is a short video from Carbon Neutral to better explain what they do:

Imagine if every organisation in Australia committed to offsetting their carbon emissions through tree planting, renewable energy or other options.  The next chapter in our global battle against climate change would read much differently I’m sure.

Consider how much these sorts of actions by consumers and businesses would contribute to changing the direction of environmental degradation back towards restoration.  

Disposable packaging doesn’t have to be a net negative for the environment.  If it is created, used and disposed of responsibly, it truly can be a vehicle for positive change.

If you’d like more information on Carbon Neutral please head to their website or FAQ page