BioPak helping the music industry in the war on waste

BioPak has partnered with Australian artist Ziggy Alberts to reduce waste during shows

BioPak aims to green the music industry, with help from Australian artist Ziggy Alberts.

At Alberts’ Laps Around the Sun tour, all venues chose to supply BioCups, reducing the tour’s waste significantly. This initiative, representing a major shift in waste management at large scale events, proves that compostable packaging and composting is a viable solution both practically and environmentally.

Alberts speaks about the Green Touring Initiative and why he became involved.

First steps

Ziggy Alberts speaks publicly about pressing issues while on stage during tours.

Ziggy Alberts first remembers taking action on environmental issues at age 13 or 14. At around 18 years old he started contributing regularly through benefit awareness concerts as a musician, and ever since he has created awareness through speaking publicly about pressing issues while on stage during international tours.

A ‘green tour’

On Alberts’ upcoming tour, 5 out of 5 venues are using BioPak packaging.

Alberts has always aimed to tour with less impact. He says that a lot of what he has achieved is due to prior preparation, the country he is in, and the cooperation of third parties.

On his upcoming tour, five out of five venues are using BioPak products across all drink containers and serviceware. Most food vendors at shows are using biodegradable serviceware, all venues have implemented a waste management system, all venues are allowing him to host environmental stalls; production catering for 25 to 30 people is following Alberts’ Green Touring Initiative incorporating BioPak, and We-Refill water stations will be available at the Brisbane show for patrons to refill their reusable water bottles.

Alberts hopes he can achieve even more environmentally friendly initiatives before shows begin, and for future tours to come.

He acknowledges that everything he has achieved is due to his team at Commonfolk Records.

Why BioPak?

When the total attendance over a tour is 32,000 people, the potential for positive change is huge.

Alberts says that often concert attendees are not allowed to bring their own food and water packaging into venues, which is often a matter of safety. As a result, some form of single-use packaging is required.

It is up to the artist and their team, not the consumer, to use sustainable packaging. Alberts jumped at the opportunity to work with BioPak for this tour, because when the total attendance over a tour is 32,000 people the potential for positive impact is huge.

Is the music industry changing?

When sustainability becomes the norm in the music industry, then we will see large scale change.

More venues and festivals need to step up. Many artists are pushing for more environmentally responsible event management, and more and more venues and festivals are listening. But much of the music industry doesn’t want to consider it, as it involves extra work for all parties.

When responsible practices in organising events become the norm, we will see the biggest positive impacts.

Advice for other artists

While Alberts admits this upcoming tour is not yet green, reducing packaging waste can have a huge impact.

This tour is not green, Alberts says. According to him, it isn’t close to what he wouldn’t comfortably call a ‘green tour’. But his team isn’t phased by the mountain to climb. They have so far achieved a huge amount in minimising their waste, and there are many levels left to pursue. Alberts says that is exciting.

He suggests that, particularly for artists starting out, to try to be responsible in their consumption while touring. Share the trials and errors of your journey. Sharing ideas plants a wonderful seed in people’s minds and that is one of the biggest gifts an artist has to offer.

He tells artists to push for the changes they want. Don’t be scared, he says. The answer can sometimes be surprising.

BioPak leading the way

BioPak is delighted to be partnering with Ziggy Alberts on his upcoming National Tour.

BioPak is delighted to be partnering with Ziggy Alberts again in his national tour to implement closed-loop waste solutions. They hope other artists will follow suit and lead the music industry to ‘new heights’ while educating consumers and patrons about sustainable packaging innovations.


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Info taken from BioPak’s website.

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