BioPak is fighting climate change through plastic alternatives

BioPak offers plant-based plastic alternatives to combat environmental degradation

A climate emergency

In light of the catastrophic disasters and rising temperatures, our parent company BioPak has declared a climate emergency, and is taking positive steps to reduce the impact of climate change.

In order to decouple out economy from fossil fuels, we must find an alternative – and using renewable materials for packaging is one way to move in that direction.

The solution

BioPak provides compostable packaging which creates fertiliser.

BioPak aims to make plant-based packaging more accessible in mainstream markets, which would phase out single-use conventional packaging. They intend that PS, PE, and PET plastics made from fossil fuels will be obsolete by the end of 2020, and replaced by rapidly renewable materials such as PLA and FSC certified Birchwood.

These renewable materials can be turned into rich compost, which is used as fertiliser to grow plants. By ensuring that used packaging is processed at an industrial compost facility, allowing large amounts of organic waste to be handled in controlled conditions, BioPak is helping to create a circular economy.

Compostable packaging also diverts food waste from landfill. Both food waste and organic packaging can be placed in a single bin, where it is recycled into nutrient-rich compost. This helps fight climate change, as organic waste in landfill produces methane – a greenhouse gas 28 times as potent as CO2.

 BioPak constantly strives to educate and assist the conscious consumer to achieve their goal of a circular economy for all. They will implement the steps towards phasing out conventional plastics in the coming months.


Information taken from the BioPak website.

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Post by Tallis Baker.