Cafes saving 20% in waste bills by composting

By joining the compost revolution, cafes have cut their waste bills and made a difference in their community.

By joining the composting revolution, small cafes have each saved over 100 tonnes of organic waste yearly from landfill and diverted over 200 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

This also means cafes can compost their juice containers, straws, cutlery, napkins, and takeaway food containers. Sustainability no longer means sacrificing convenience.

By using 100% BioPak products, they assist BioPak in their weekly collection rounds because the risk of contamination with non-organic materials is very low.

Some things café owners say about why they made the switch

  • Having a closed loop solution for waste removal is important
  • Using all BioPak products means everything is compostable
  • All food waste & packaging waste can go in the same bin
  • Waste is turned into compost within weeks
  • Using high volumes of packaging impacts our oceans
  • Nothing goes to landfill
  • Doing the ‘right thing’
  • Save in waste removal costs on site

Want to make the switch? Have a look on our website to find out how!


Information taken from this video on the BioPak website.

For more information on why you should get on board with the composting revolution, check out this article on our blog.


Post by Tallis Baker.

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