Why BioPak is a B Corp

A certified B Corporation is one that is legally required to balance people and profits.

BioPak was founded on the principles that were part of the B Corp declaration of independence in 2006. BioPak became a B Corp in 2017.

In fact, reading about the B Corp Patagonia had a significant influence on Richard Fine, founder and sustainability director, when he created BioPak.

What the employees say

BioPak becoming a B Corp has inspired many of its staff.

Working at BioPak and being part of its B Corp certification deeply affected Creative Director Lala Wijesekera. He says he is now more conscious about the clothes he wears, about his recycling efforts, and his dietary choices.

CEO Gary Smith says that BioPak has always incorporated the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet, and profits, into its DNA. This gives BioPak a competitive advantage over companies that do not have the same level of environmental credentials.

BioPak’s B Corp certification was a major contributor to marketing communications manager Christina Miebach’s reasons for joining the team in 2017. She wanted to be a part of a movement that supports sustainable sourcing, ethical practices, cultural diversity, and gender equality.

Sales team lead Kiley Good says it’s rewarding to be part of a company which donates 5% of its profits to positive change, and that it’s important to her that businesses give back to the community.

Customer care lead Daniel Rivers says they’re always looking to raise the bar, and he hopes that BioPak’s B Corp certification inspires and motivates others in the industry to follow suit.


Information taken from this video on BioPak’s website.

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Post by Tallis Baker.

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