What your takeaway cups say about your business

For most café businesses, takeaway coffee is likely to be a key earner. If you, as a business owner, haven’t considered your takeaway coffee cups, you could be promoting to your customers an unfavourable impression of your brand.

Do you serve your quality product in quality packaging? Are you ensuring you are on par with customers’ sustainability concerns? Are you making the most of branding your coffee cups?

Now might be the time to think about what your coffee cups say about your business, if you haven’t already.

Quality counts

Test your takeaway cups – see what the customer experience will be. 

Have you actually used your cups? This can be important – customers don’t like a flimsy cup that lets them burn themselves. Are they easy to separate when stacked? If your cups are substandard – if they aren’t stable, or the lids just won’t stay on – your customers won’t be having the enjoyable coffee experience you want them to have.

You want your customers to come back, not go elsewhere after a bad experience with a loose lid and a splash of coffee on their shirt!

Going green

Appeal to eco-friendly customers by choosing a sustainable option. 

Society is more aware about sustainability today than it was only a few years ago. By offering eco-friendly coffee cups that are compostable and made from renewable materials, you can minimise your own waste and appealing to customers who are more environmentally minded.

A branding opportunity

Appeal to eco-friendly customers by choosing the sustainable option.

When you provide takeaway coffee, you know that your cups will travel to a variety of different destinations. During the mid-morning and lunch peak times, workers will be buying coffee to take back to their offices. Commuters might pick up a cup for the trip to or from work, or tourists might want something to sip as they sight-see.

This makes your takeaway coffee cup one of your best mobile advertisements. By customising them with your business name, colours, or logo, you are including them in your advertising strategy and planting a seed that can help your business to grow.

This does not mean that by opting for generic cups, you cannot promote your brand. Customers carrying around a compostable takeaway cup prompts conversations, and still builds brand credibility as it shows your customers you source your materials ethically.

What do we suggest?

Why not have a look at the compostable options we provide?

If you’re on our website, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea! Head over to our products page to see our compostable takeaway cups, and inquire about getting a customised design.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

Find out what the difference is between single- and double-walled cups, and read about why BioPak doesn’t use biodegradable plastic additives, on our blog.


Article by Tallis Baker

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