Why we love FSC-certified birchwood

Have you ever wondered about the story behind BioPak’s wooden cutlery? Made from birchwood and FSC-certified, it has been sourced from responsibly managed plantations for the benefit of the environment and the community.

Read here for background on the Forest Stewardship Council.

Why we work with FSC-certified birchwood

We make sure all our materials are responsibly sourced and easily disposed of.

An FSC certification ensures that the wood used in packaging is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed, both for the environment and the community. BioPak works with birchwood that is FSC-certified and home compostable.

3 reasons we love FSC-certified birchwood

FSC-certified birchwood has many things to love.

Fighting climate change

The FSC works to combat deforestation, forest degradation, and illegal logging – all of which contribute to climate change.

Raising standards

FSC certification acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management, bringing economic benefits by ensuring social benefits to workers and local people, and facilitates environmental benefits for ecosystems.

Connecting with customers

FSC provides a link between the forest and the end-user. Its certification allows customers to be confident that the products they are buying come from a responsible source. BioPak’s FSC birchwood cutlery and chopsticks are durable and fantastic for enhancing trustworthiness and marketing possibilities for businesses.

Packaging that puts the planet first

We always make sure our products are not harming our environment.

We, like our parent company BioPak, are committed to consciously creating more environmentally responsible alternatives to conventional foodservice packaging. BioPak’s packaging solutions are made from rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced materials – just like FSC-certified birchwood.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

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Post by Tallis Baker

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