Working towards zero-waste aquariums

If you have ever been to an aquarium or theme park, you’ll know how ubiquitous – and yes, convenient – single use packaging is for food and drinks.

One aquarium making a change

SEALIFE Aquarium in Auckland is making a change with their single-use plastic.

The SEALIFE Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand, seeks to take a stance against single-use plastic. The aquarium is underground and faces many challenges when it comes to sustainable waste-management solutions, especially as single-use foodservice packaging is a practical and hygienic option, but is often not disposed of correctly.

SEALIFE and BioPak

BioPak foodservice packaging has allowed SEALIFE to reduce their waste to landfill.

By teaming up with BioPak, SEALIFE has replaced conventional single-use foodservice packaging with compostable, carbon-neutral packaging. By opting for composting systems and creating a greater understanding of waste management across their staff, SEALIFE has reduced their waste to landfill and is working towards being a zero-waste aquarium.

Switching to compostable packaging is a simple step that makes a big difference, especially within zoos, aquariums, and theme parks, where large quantities of food and drink are consumed every day.

After adopting BioPak foodservice products into their onsite food outlets, SEALIFE noticed they were producing almost 14% less landfill.

Making a difference everywhere

All aquariums, theme parks, and zoos have the ability to reduce their waste and make a change.

SEALIFE has shown that it can be done. We need all aquariums, theme parks, and zoos to make the switch to compostable, sustainable packaging, not only so that they are not left behind in the tide towards sustainability, but also to protect the very animals that they care for.


Information taken from BioPak’s website and SEALIFE.

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Article by Tallis Baker

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