Zero Waste Week is approaching

Zero Waste Week is approaching! This global event occurs in the first full week of September, which this year is September 6-12.

Zero Waste Week has been held since 2008, and now has over 50 million participants worldwide.

Australia-wide recycling tips

Zero Waste Week is approaching – and here are some tips on how to reduce your landfill.

To prepare for Zero-Waste Week, here are some handy places you can go, no matter where you are in Australia, to recycle used items and products that many people think can’t be recycled. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

Batteries – household batteries can be dropped off for recycling at Aldi, Ikea, and Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centres across Australia. Search for one close to you here.

Coffee pods – these can be recycled at Nespresso stores or Terracycle.

Ink cartridges – Australia Post, Office Works, Harvey Norman and more. Search for sites near you here.

Electrical waste, DVDs, and appliances – check where to recycle with your local council.

Old phones and accessories, handsets and chargers – Mobile muster, often located in phone stores and at Australia Post outlets.

TVs and computers – depending on which state you live in these can be dropped at Drop Zone, E-Cycle, TechCollect, and Electronic Product Stewardship Australia through the National TV & Computer Recycling Scheme.

Prescription glasses – Lions Clubs, OPSM, Onesight, and other places will accept these and supply to people in other countries with no access.

Coffee pods, mail satchels, kids’ snack pouches, textas, beauty product containers, contact lens, toothpaste tubes – can all go to Terracycle. You can search for collection points or even set up your own.

Used bras and swimwear – can be donated to Project Uplift who give them to women who cannot afford these things.

Soft plastics (plastic shopping bags, chip bags, snack wrappers, glad wrap) – can be dropped off to Redcycle collection points at supermarkets, which then transforms them into useful items such as park benches and fencing. Their site explains how to do a scrunch test and locate a bin near you.

Old blankets and towels – donate to RSPCA or other animal shelters.

Unwanted or expired medicine – can be taken to your local pharmacy. Find out more here.


Look out for more Zero Waste Week info coming soon!


Information taken from Zero Waste Week.

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Article by Tallis Baker.

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