How pet foods are leading sustainability

The pet food industry is going green! Read on for some trends in the pet food market, including exciting news from the UK …

Pet food trends

Trends in pet foods often mirror trends in human foods – and many pet food companies are looking to improve their sustainability.

In the UK, pet food trends are surprisingly aligned with human trends: 43% of dog owners believe it’s healthier to limit the amount of red meat, and even encourage a plant-based doggy diet.

And, just as veganism has seen a rise in popularity, so has sustainability. According to consumer research, goods marketed with sustainability claims saw 7 times that growth of a non-sustainable product! This also applies to sustainable pet food claims, which saw a 70% sales increase between 2015 and 2019 compared to non-sustainable pet food market.

Considering this, it is no wonder that pet food producers are looking to swap to sustainable pet food containers and packaging.

Michie’s of Cornwall – the challenge

Pet food manufacturer Michie’s of Cornwall has switched to BioPak packaging to reduce plastic waste.

Some pet food manufacturers are turning to sustainable pet food container alternatives with BioPak.

Michie’s of Cornwall is a high-quality, artisan dog food brand based in (you guessed it) Cornwall, UK. They oversee the complete production cycle of their product, which allows them to control the quality. However, it also makes them inherently aware of the waste they produce. With their increased growth, Michie’s has noticed the growing amount of plastic involved in manufacturing dog meats and treats.

Michie’s of Cornwall – the solution

Going compostable has worked – and Michie’s is thriving.

The pet food company started looking for alternatives to single-use plastic, and found BioPak.

Through BioPak, Michie’s found a solution to their increased packaging needs in home-compostable, industrially compostable, and recyclable solutions. Michie’s serve up their nutritionally tailored meats in the BioPak home compostable 600ml BioCane containers, and their Doggy Ice Creams in the BioPak industrially compostable containers.

Not only did they eliminate single-use plastics, they also managed to prevent the plastic chipping that happens when oil-based products are frozen. Unlike traditional plastics, BioCane is ideal for freezing as it does not comprise the material.

Michie’s of Cornwall – the result

By switching to BioPak, Michie’s has drastically reduced their environmental footprint.

When Michie’s chose BioPak products, they:

  • Reduced their CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared with oil-based packaging
  • Diverted more than 4 tonnes from landfill


Do you know a pet food company in Australia that could clean up their impact with compostable packaging? Let them know!


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

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Article by Tallis Baker

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