The council leading organics recycling

Tweed Council’s organics processing

The Tweed Shire Council has started construction on their new composting facility.

Tweed Shire Council has seen work commence on their new organics processing facility, which is a step towards their long-term zero-waste commitment.

This facility, capable of dealing with nearly 21,000 tonnes of food and garden organics annually, will be linked with the council’s green bin kerbside collection program. It will function as an enclosed composting facility, with features such as 99KW solar power system expected to offset 22% of its power consumption. Rainwater will be captured for processing operations and all wastewater generated in the processing of organics will be reused in the composting process.

The reduction in organic waste to landfill so far shows that residents are actively participating in the process.

Why organics?

Organics in landfill emit methane and contribute to climate change.

When organics end up in landfill, they release methane, a greenhouse gas more than 20 times more potent than CO2. The Tweed Shire Council’s composting facility has reduced household waste to landfill by about 20%, which in turn has reduced emissions.

The facility is also turning this organic waste into a high-quality compost available locally for households, farmers, businesses, developers, and for council use in parks.

Why do we care?

We believe a circular economy is the way of the future.

Our BioPak products are 100% compostable, and are the key to a circular economy in which resources are reused indefinitely. We believe all councils need to get on board with a council-wide organics recycling initiative, to reduce waste and reduce emissions.


Information taken from The Echo.

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Article by Tallis Baker.

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