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Basic Hospitality Guide

Running a hospitality business can be tough.  It’s such a competitive market that owners/managers often lose sight of making sure they get the basics right.  This can be the difference between turning a profit each day, week or month and keeping the doors open. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the most basic elements of the game that we notice are being overlooked: See how many of these items you can tick off.  Chances are that if you ...
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BioPak - It doesn't cost the earth

Why Do We Choose To Distribute BioPak?

Our mission is to improve the environmental outcomes of the hospitality industry. Our vision is to contribute towards the industry transitioning to carbon neutrality and playing a leading role in environmental conservation. It’s a massive task because the industry itself revolves around the consumption of raw materials and resources (energy, food and the packaging it comes in). Furthermore, recent trends in hospitality and food service have focused on providing even more convenience to customers to maintain competitiveness. By this, we ...
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