What’s so good about BioPak?

Why choose BioPak?

Yes, there are lots of companies that produce and distribute bioplastics, but we are fond of BioPak. Here’s why.

Good for business

Going ‘green’ can be good for your business.

You’d be hard-pressed, in this online world, to find someone who hasn’t seen a picture of a turtle with a plastic bag trailing from its mouth, or a whale with its guts full of plastic junk. As a result, consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, especially when it comes to waste, and they want to see businesses taking on more responsibility. A business that consciously uses sustainable packaging is going to score points with their customers – and BioPak can help.

Good for the environment

By choosing BioPak you can help stop environmental degradation.

By producing sustainable food packaging supplies – made from plants, not oil – which are commercially compostable and produce less carbon than their fossil fuel counterparts, BioPak are allowing each and every one of us to have a say in protecting the environment. Their products help reduce emissions simply in the production process, and if disposed of correctly they can give back to the earth that made them and also assist farmers in growing crops.

Carbon neutral

BioPak was the first carbon neutral packaging company in Australia and New Zealand.

BioPak was the first packaging company in Australia and New Zealand to become carbon neutral. Sustainable and responsible manufacturing is a priority. BioPak production facilities are certified to ISO environmental, quality, and food safety standards.

Custom designs

Increase the professionalism of your packaging with BioPak’s custom designs.

BioPak allows companies to add their own branding or otherwise customise the designs on their packaging – for free. This adds professionalism and pizzazz to your business.

Certified B Corporation

As a certified B Corporation, BioPak have an obligation to the community and the environment.

BioPak is a Profit for Purpose, B Corporation. This means they are obliged to preserve and protect the environment, and give back to and support the communities in which they work. They donate 7.5% of their profits to Rainforest Rescue (Australia) and Greenfleet (New Zealand), as well as community programs, and are committed to transitioning towards a circular economy.


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Information taken from BioPak’s website.


Article by Tallis Baker

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