4 reasons to buy local

We are often told we should buy local – but why? Read on to find out.

1. Less packaging

Do away with over-packaged supermarket produce by buying local.

More often than not, buying local means the items you buy come in less plastic. Especially if buying at farmers’ markets, the fruit and veg you find are more likely to be loose, where you can choose the ones you want and not bother with over-packaged, plastic-covered bundles of produce that give you no choice. We know millions of tons of plastic end up in the ocean annually – buying local can be one step towards slowing this flow.

2. Support your local businesses

Put money back into your local economy by supporting small businesses.

Buying local puts money back into the economy, instead of filling the pockets of produce giants half-way across the world. At Planet Friendly Packaging, we love small businesses and everything they do for the local economy – why not support smallholding farmers growing their produce a car ride away?

3. Reduce fossil fuels

Food miles produce large amounts of fossil fuels.

When food is shipped half-way across the world, or even driven by truck from the other side of the country (when I say country, I mean Australia), it produces fossil fuels. The huge food miles we currently allow contribute to worse air quality, fuel climate change, and increase the cost of our produce. Buying local is an effective way for the individual to reduce their ecological footprint.

4. Buy in bulk

Markets and local farmers’ stores often have more opportunity to buy in bulk.

Similar to reason #1, buying local gives us the opportunity to reduce packaging by buying in bulk. This isn’t just related to food items, either. Depending on the market you attend, you might find beauty or household cleaning products being sold with the option to fill your own jar.

However, this can also be the same for food products like nuts, which usually have no choice but to come in a plastic container. You might be able to take your own bag and fill it!


Information taken from One Green Planet.

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Article by Tallis Baker

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