Mastering COVID sustainably: The Wilderness Chef

Anteloping creates quality dining experiences … and had never considered doing take-away until COVID-19.

Talk about going green? Here’s one business that’s doing it! The catering business Anteloping creates quality restaurant dining experiences in unimaginable locations such as waterfalls, mountain tops, lookouts, sand dunes, ski fields, and deserts. Cooper Thomas (also known as The Wilderness Chef), the owner of Anteloping, is one of those who have had to re-orientate their whole business during COVID-19, and has factored sustainability in as he goes.


To Cooper, sustainability is non-negotiable.

Cooper believes sustainability is important not only for the environment but for ourselves and those around us.

“We obviously take all measures to recycle and compost and always endeavour to reduce landfill in whatever way possible. We purchase cartons/loose items instead of packaged items and continue to research and innovate in ways to try and reduce our footprint as a company.”

As a provider of quality restaurant dining experiences, Cooper had never even considered take-away options … until COVID.

Why BioPak?

The Wilderness Chef chose BioPak because of its ethos and versatility.

Cooper had always been a close follower of BioPak and similar brands, due to their neutral carbon footprint and versatile packaging. Now, Cooper uses BioPak packaging for his take-away meals.

He says the highlight of BioPak is that the meals in the packaging can go straight into the oven or microwave, making it even easier for the customer.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

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Post by Tallis Baker

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Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. Stay safe.