Plastic-free after COVID-19


Take-away sales have spiked during COVID-19.

During COVID-19, the world has gone take-away. Restaurants that previously were only dine-in had to scramble to provide a delivery menu, and companies like Menulog and Deliveroo have experienced a surge in business. With all this extra take-away, we are seeing a resulting rise in single-use packaging.

Many restaurants and cafes are struggling to turn a profit, and have understandably opted for the cheapest packaging option. But what will happen take-away after COVID-19, and how can eateries use this to their advantage?


Dine-in options are opening up … but take-away might still remain a large part of an eatery’s business.

Now that customers have realised cafes and restaurants can do take-away, it is likely the demand for eat-out options will remain. In some ways this is beneficial for the eateries – more take-away demand may well mean more business. So how can you turn this demand for take-away and delivery to your advantage in the long run?

We’ll give you a hint: it has something to do with plant-based packaging.

When business is up again and eateries are no longer struggling to turn a profit, why not transition to a compostable, planet-friendly packaging option? In the days after COVID-19, when the demand for single-use packaging has dropped, it’s a good bet customers will be looking at eateries that support the environment.

By switching to compostable packaging, you can show customers that you are dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and carbon emissions. Eco-minded customers are more likely to buy take-away from your business than from a business that still uses oil-based plastic.

The world after COVID-19 is largely unpredictable – but businesses have an opportunity to turn it to their advantage and support the planet at the same time.


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Article by Tallis Baker

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Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. Stay safe.