A refresher on BioCups – made from plants, not oil

At Planet Friendly Packaging, we encourage customers to BYO reusable mugs. However, that is not always practical – what about that time you craved a coffee, but had forgotten your keep cup? And at times like we are in now, where cafes will not accept a keep cup and the only option is disposable – well, that’s where we come in.

For the most hygienic and sustainable option, choose BioCups and Lids from BioPak.


BioPak’s products are made as sustainably as possible.

BioPak produces all their products in a facility that is certified compliant to international environmental standards, and ethical and fair labour practices.

Environmental credits

By choosing compostable, plant-based plastics, we are reducing our carbon footprint, and so are you. 

  • The BioCup and its lid are certified carbon neutral, with all CO2 emissions in their lifecycle accounted for and offset through carbon credits.
  • By using bioplastic for the lining and lids, we save fossil fuel resources and lower our CO2 footprint by 75% compared to conventional plastics.
  • We source our paper from certified sustainably managed plantations.
  • BioCups and lids are compostable in commercial composting facilities. The Cups can be recycled in an increasing number of locations.
  • Landfills do not breakdown rubbish – they just bury it. When organic matter ends up in landfill it releases methane, which is a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than CO2. Bioplastic will not degrade in landfill – which is a good thing – but it is still important to compost instead of dumping in the general rubbish bin.
  • BioPak donates 1% of profits from these products to Rainforest Rescue, an organisation which restores and regenerates rainforest. In addition, Planet Friendly Packaging funds the planting of one tree for every order filled.


BioCups can help us in the fight against climate change.

If we converted all cups in Australia and New Zealand to PLA bioplastic lining instead of conventional plastic, we would save:

948 tons of CO2 emissions a year

Equivalent to 5,990,000 km travelled, 669,000 litres saved or 205 cars off the road.

If we converted all lids from conventional plastic to PLA bioplastic, we could save:

9,500 tons of CO2 emissions a year

Equivalent to 60,100,000 km travelled, 5,170,000 litres saved or 2,060 cars off the road.

If all cups in Australia and New Zealand were BioCups, we would save 600 tons of plastic a year – which saves 1 million litres of oil.


We are working on it, but you can still do your bit. Support businesses who use compostable cups, or put pressure on your local café to go sustainable – including providing compost bins to dispose of BioCups responsibly.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

Have a read about 4 reasons to buy local, or what we make our BioCups out of, on our blog.


Article by Tallis Baker.

Planet Friendly Packaging acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we work.

Happy Easter and stay safe.