Why we love FSC paper

You may have read our post on why we love FSC-certified birchwood, which is what our wooden cutlery is made from. But our paper – the napkins, straws, and paper plates we sell – is also FSC-certified, and we love it.

The Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC ensures forests are managed responsibly.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international not-for-profit that acts to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC sets standards on forest products, along with certifying and labelling them as eco-friendly, so that you know the paper or wood you are buying did not hurt the planet.

An FSC certification ensures that the wood is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, including water and energy use, as well as the end product’s overall environmental rating.

Why does it matter?

The earth loses 27 soccer fields of forest every minute.

Why should you care about forest stewardship?

Well, the earth loses 18.7 million acres of forest per year, which is equal to 27 soccer fields every minute. An estimated 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation.

Also, paper accounts for 26% of waste in landfills. When this paper breaks down, it releases methane into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas more than 80 times more potent than CO2. By recycling and composting your paper instead, you can help fight climate change. By ensuring the paper comes from a sustainable source, you can increase your impact ten-fold.

5 reasons we love FSC

We know that, by buying FSC-certified paper, we are contributing to sustainable forest management around the world.

  1. FSC paper comes from responsibly managed plantations

An FSC certification ensures that landowners use responsible forestry practices. This confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, all while ensuring it remains economically viable.

  1. FSC certification acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management

It brings economic benefits by opening up new markets and helps ensure social benefits to workers and local people, and facilitates environmental benefits for biodiversity and ecosystems.

  1. FSC provides a link between the forest and the end user

Its certification allows consumers to be confident that the products they are buying come from a responsible source. FSC’s credibility is a great brand benefit, enhancing trustworthiness and marketing possibilities.

  1. FSC fights climate change by eliminating deforestation, forest degradation and illegal logging in certified areas

The organisation endeavours to grow the market for sustainable forest products and to highlight the dangers of poor forestry practices – measures which all help to contribute to climate change mitigation.

  1. FSC certification reduces the risk of being confronted with illegal timber

A growing number of countries and regions – including the European Union, USA and Australia – have legislation banning the trade and use of illegally harvested timber and derived products. For FSC, respecting all relevant laws is the first of its ten principles and part of the certification and auditing process.

By being FSC-certified, companies can demonstrate their commitment to a triple-bottom-line approach to business.

Packaging that puts the planet first

We provide foodservice packaging that does not harm the planet.

At Planet Friendly Packaging, we are proud to distribute BioPak’s zero waste, climate positive foodservice packaging. BioPak’s packaging solutions are made from rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced materials – like FSC-certified paper.

Why not make the switch today? Have a look on our product page to see what plant-based packaging we sell.


Information taken from BioPak’s website.

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Article by Tallis Baker.

Planet Friendly Packaging acknowledges the traditional custodians on the land on which we work.

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